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Walk Tamaki Drive - Teal Bay to Achilles Point


A free booklet detailing more than 60 points of interest along Tamaki Drive is now available! Launched in late 2015 by Colin Percy, a member of the Tamaki Drive Protection Society and St Heliers U3A.


Mr Percy was inspired to write the booklet having organised regular walks with the St Heliers U3A group over the past decade. He took his idea to the Tamaki Drive Protection Society which approached the Orakei Local Board who have helped with funding.


The booklet is available free from the Orakei Local Board office in the Meadowbank Shopping Centre and at various libraries and information centres.






Toxic sea slugs mean caution when dog walking on Tamaki Drive beaches


Sea slug management and risks were discussed at our AGM 2010. Dr Paul Rainey, Massey University, presented an informative review of the toxicity of sea slugs now found on harbour beaches. He spoke of research underway with his group of evolutionary geneticists, and the Crawthorn Institute. While the sea slug is toxic enough to kill an adult if swallowed, the slugs dry out on the beach quickly and merge into the sand. Warning signs may be over alarmist, but dogs have been attracted by the smell of decay and died from eating the slugs. 


Public health warning advice may be found at


To help you identify this problem, we hope to bring you more information and photos of the toxic sea slugs on our beaches when they are provided to us.


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