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The Society was established in 1991.  The main object of the Society is to promote the protection and preservation of Tamaki Drive in Auckland City, as a major public amenity, and to take appropriate responses to support that end.


Mission Statement


TDPS aims to preserve Tamaki Drive as an outstanding scenic and recreational resource and as a direct route into the city of Auckland. The Society raises awareness of the environmental and amenity values of Tamaki Drive which is a crucial part of the coastal area and the interface between land and water.

TDPS brings to public attention the necessity for preservation of its beaches, walkways, cycleways and roadways and flora through constant maintenance and improvement. It does this through the medium of pamphlets and public meetings, and through regular submissions to authorities, which encourage local and national government bodies to value and care for Tamaki Drive.


Tamaki Drive Protection Society is a locally elected independent society and registered charitable trust. It has a mailing list of some 200 persons. It has its origins in the 1973 system of Community Committees set up by the late Sir DM Robinson. In 1991 members of three of these committees joined together and incorporated the Society to promote protection of Tamaki Drive as a Scenic Way. In the public interest actions are taken on matters affecting the Tamaki Drive area which includes: The Landing, Okahu Bay, yacht clubs, Mission Bay, Kohimarama and St Heliers Village. Tamaki Drive hosts increasing numbers of visitors who enjoy the summer beaches and crowd sporting activities and popular events.


The Society’s area of interest is wider than that of a particular suburb. The Tamaki Drive Master Plan expands the focus area to the beaches and open spaces including the Whenua Rangitira,the local seaside villages and the hinterland suburbs. The inland boundaries are Maskell St, St Heliers Bay Rd, Kepa Rd and the railway line to Quay St.


Major achievements of the Society include working with the former Auckland City Council resulting in The Tamaki Drive Design Guidelines 1992, and inclusion of Tamaki Drive as a Scenic Way needing visual and environmental protection, in the City of Auckland - District Plan Operative 1999. Over the years these documents have been relevant to many proposals and activities.


The Tamaki Drive Master Plan, issued by the Auckland Council and led by the Orakei Local Board, now provides another strong vision for the future.


A destination, a gateway, a ‘necklace’ of cliffs and bays - for many it is the way home



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