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Local Action 2017


Recent initiatives include the predator free work promoted by Mary Pearson at Karaka Bay and the predator trapping along Madill's Farm creek organized by Peter and Raewyn Bennet.



Predator Free Karaka Bay


Glendowie is full of potential. We are lucky enough to have special places like Karaka bay, Churchill Park and Tahuna Torea.


What if we could make the area predator free and bring back the native birds and the dawn chorus.


The government is aiming for predator free NZ by 2050, down in Karaka Bay we are already doing our bit.


Most of the residents of Karaka Bay and Peacock Street are getting traps on their properties.

The council is putting in 4 traps down the path to the bay.

We are already catching rats and mice.


We are using a mixture of traps but mainly the self -resetting non toxic Goodnature traps.


We have set up a group of interested people called Predator Free Karaka Bay [PFKB].


Our goal is to make Karaka Bay predator free, restore the birds and native insects.


We need help from surrounding properties.

What if everyone in the area did the same. What if we got rid of the rats and possums in the whole area.

There is already trapping in Churchill Park and Tahuna Torea. Churchill Park School is setting monitoring up as a science project.

Rats donít appreciate sections and boundaries.

Lets try and join up all these areas.


If you are interested in what we are doing or in being involved contact us via the email address on this pdf: 

Rat Free Karaka Bay Proposal


If you are already trapping or start trapping can you let me know as I am trying to map the area and see where the gaps are.


Mary Pearson




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